In rare situations data needs to be removed from a Register. For example, due to a GDPR request to be forgotten. The blob hashing algorithm provides a mechanism to redact a value keeping the rest of values available and the Register integrity intact.

Data redaction does not apply to entries or any part of the Register other than blobs. Otherwise, the integrity of the Register would be compromised.

In order to redact a value, you have to replace it with its hash according to the blob hashing algorithm and prepend **REDACTED** to the string hexadecimal representation.

Check the blob section for more details.

There is no specific mechanism to redact an entire blob of data, to achieve that you MUST redact each value independently.

For example, to fully redact the following blob of data:

  [ ("foo", "abc")
  , ("bar", "xyz")

You have to hash each value like:

  [ ("foo", "**REDACTED**12202a42a9c91b74c0032f6b8000a2c9c5bcca5bb298f004e8eff533811004dea511")
  , ("bar", "**REDACTED**12200324894df5a397ab53736bf0d01f4063507acceab19d4ce74c9282de21dadffb")

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